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    July 11, 2013
    6:00 - 7:01am PDT  

er children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. >> topping our news. f-b-i agents and oakland police officers search dogs continue to look for a 21- month-old girl. daphne viola webb was kidnapped reportedly late yesterday morning near the gazzali's supermarket at 79th and international. this triggered an amber alert. the girls father, john webb, says he left her in the car with an adult family member who is mentally disabled. webb went inside the store and when he came back daphne was gone. ." a little scared"
supermarket. colored top and blue jeans. socks. we're continuing to follow the latest on the deadly asiana flight 214, here is what we know. airport have begun clearing the pilot initally told a evacuate passengers. people did not begin evacuating the aircraft right side of the aircraft. tower at the airport. >> we do not have 90's and today's forecast a we will have warmer weather for tomorrow. we do have slightly warmer conditions. we do have even more changes as will start next work with. >> caltran is still looking for a stall that is a round the island. the good news is set so far they have not found one. the me realize
have not yet been activated. checking the commute on interstate 580 the accident in the dublin interchange. even though it was cleared it has started to slow. it is still a potential hot spot until they managed to get it off a road way. align >> agents and oakland police officers search dogs continue to look for a 21- month-old girl. daphne viola webb was kidnapped reportedly late yesterday morning near the gazzali's supermarket at 79th and international. this triggered an amber alert. the girls father, john
webb, with an adult family member webb went inside the store and when he came back daphne father's reaction. >> here was a little stunned. she appeared to be stunned as well. he stated that she has dementia. she did appear to be a little scared. >> >> a woman was seen carrying daphne away from the supermarket. she is described as black or hispanic between 30 and 40 years old with long black hair, wearing a light colored top and blue jeans. daphne was last seen wearing orange two-piece pajamas with pink hearts and pink socks. the search is focused on the sometimes visit. >> we're continuing to follow the latest on the deadly asiana flight 214, here is what we know.
clean-up crews at san francisco international airport have begun clearing debris from the runway. federal safety officials say the pilot initally told a flight attendant not to evacuate passengers. people did not begin evacuating the aircraft until 90 seconds later when a fire broke out on the right side of the aircraft. officials say the delay occurred as the pilot made connection with the control tower at the airport. >> and now -- for the first time, we are hearing some of the many 9-1-1 calls made in the moments after the asiana flight crashed. not only from people who saw the crash, but also from people who had just gotten off the plane. >> yes, we were just involved in a plane crash and there is a lot of people
that need help. there are not a lot of paramedics out here helping. there are people on a runway that are burned. we do not know what to do. >> we do have helped coming. >> there is a woman who is severely burned here. you will probably die here. >> >> the national transportation safety board said, people did not begin evacuating the later, when a fire erupted. officials say, the delay checked with the tower at the airport.
>> crash. the national transportation safety board is investigating the cause of >> as the n-t-s-b continues the investigation in the crash.survivors were able to return to the scene just four days after terrifying accident. this is video with our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. in it you can see charter buses arriving at the scene and the survivors out on the tarmac observing the wreckage. it is unclear what they were doing although they were accompanied by n-t-s-b agents. >> s.f. all have not told us when that will get the wrong way open. we did talk to debra the chair of theif you own a pickup truck o person of
stated that the pilot stated her that he had regained his vision. >> they did get a final landing clearing. there may have been a little bit of a lakeside but it was in the range of what is comfortable. >> let me clarify what she is sane. they were ready to land the plane and there were 1,000 ft. out. she stated that this is not out of the ordinary. she stated that the air-traffic controllers are very busy. they stated this should have been enough time and distance for them to do what they should do to land a
plane in a perfect world. coming up 6:30 a.m. we will talk more with her. >> we will continue to follow the latest out a burlingame. our continuing coverage can be found here on our broadcast and on our 24/07 comcast news channel, 193. >> will take a quick break. first, here is a live look outside from our mount tam cam. the time now is 6:08 a.m.. hehe j jusust said it's big. hohow big?g?
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>> welcome back. we are following and the george zimmerman trial. closing arguments are under way and the george zimmerman trial. the defense rested yesterday, and zimmerman never took the stand. zimmerman claims that he shot 17 year-old treyvon martin and self-defense. at the center of the trial was " cool " was heard screaming from a 911 col. was it zimmerman or was a martin? zemin is being tried on a second-degree murder charge. the jury will most likely
start deliberating tomorrow afternoon. >> we will be right back. at kaiser permanente, we've made major advancements in reducing the incidents of broken bones in seniors. we've received recognition for getting hypertension under control for over 80% of our members.
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>> check this out! drivers on a color model highway were not expecting this road block. a mud slide over took about two dozen vehicles
near manitou springs. part of the u.s. highway 24 has since been shut down. this is the same area that was really devastated by widespread wildfires. >> here is george, with a look at our traffic. >> we have been tracking at accident that is turned into a hot spot. 580 westbound had a minor incident that was reported. that accident did not stay in the traffic lanes but it was removed in fact, very quickly. this is prop. aggressively slope now from alta mount pass way. you can expect is to fill in with a solid red by the next time we checked. i will update your drive time as well. >> that is the slowest
traffic to be found. the meeting lights are active now and they were turned on just past 6:00 a.m.. thankfully, they did not have a stall. the traffic is still doing okay. finishing our bridge check at 92 and the san mateo bridge you see smooth conditions but already, heavy traffic. the golden gate bridge ride is looking good. >> let's head over to the weather center. >> it is a another cloudy start for the morning. this is in san francisco. it is a gray outside. we are waking up to low 50's in downtown san francisco. it is not too bed in san jose with the current temperature of 59 degrees. so, how long will this last? >> even to the 7:00 p.m.
hour we are dealing with cloudy skies. a lot of them are not seen that much as what we saw the other day. cloudy conditions for the " and it may be a little bit hazy. brigandine your afternoon highs for today. it is very few 90's outside. it looks like we will stay in the mid '80s. 70's for the shoreline. mostly sunny conditions. turning our attention to the south bay there are plenty of 80s to go round. downtown san francisco will have a high of 64 degrees. the sea breeze is keeping schooler. the north bay, starting when nap of. santa rosa will have
a high of 78 degrees. >> your 7 day around the bay shows pretty the same conditions for tomorrow. you can expect morning fog and afternoon sunshine. >> the time is 6:18 a.m.. oakland police are investigating a shooting that left a man in critical condition. the shooting happened around 6:30 p.m. late last night it is subway restaurant and macarthur boulevard and 108 ave. the male victim was rushed to the hospital. right now, police have made no are arrests. >> then fbi and the irs is executing a search warrants at the american indian model school in oakland. if this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. if this action comes in the mosmist of a battle to keep the
school from the shutdown. the oakland unified school district which has authority to revoke the schools a charter, says there is a list of financial violations against the school. a judge will make the final ruling on whether the school can remain open. >> house republicans are embracing a step-by-step approach to immigration. after meeting privately on the issue, they offered neither specifics nor a timetable-nor any mention of possible citizenship for an estimated 11 million immigrants living in the
country unlawfully. president barack obama is meeting in the oval office today with two officers of the senate measure, arizona republican john mccai and and new york democrat chuck schumer. >> if you own a pickup truck or a dusuv , you may want to keep a closer eye on your vehicle. a new report shows that these are setting their sights on these vehicles. >> a new report shows thieves are setting their sights on a new, larger set of wheels. the highway loss data institute says between 2010 and 2012, bigger rides were the most popular targets for thieves. the four wheel drive ford f-250 topped the list,
followed by chevy's silverado and avalanche. the cadillac escalade, the former front-runner, dropped out of the top-five, to sixth place. the institute says the escalade's lower ranking might be due to its improved antitheft technology. >> for the first time, lawyers for the colorado beer to a shooting suspect, james holmes, are acknowledging that he killed 12 people and wounded dozens more. the lawyers say, the homes was in the middle of a psychotic episode at the time. the admission was made public on wednesday. his lawyers were trying to argue that he should not be restrained and during his upcoming trial. holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. >> the man accused of the boston marathon bombing has pleaded not guilty. he is facing 30 charges, including the murder of four people.
several survivors of the bombings and attended the hearing along with relatives of some of those who died. prosecutors say, that he and his older brother, set off two bombs at the finish line of the marathon on april the 15th. his brother was killed in a showdown with police. the upcoming trial could last three months and he could face the death penalty. >> we will be right back. my name is paul ridley. to benefit cancer research i rode across the atlantic. crossing an ocean with your body as the motor, it hurts. so i brought advil l to help me stay strong during the toughest journey of my life. [ male announcer ] paul ridley had a choice ce of pain relievers, but he chose advil. because nothing is stronger on tough pain. nothing. not tylenol. not aleve.
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>> welcome back. we are keeping our eyes on wall street this morning. future trading show all three indexes are in the positive this morning. the dial string of gains is over, but it was a relatively quiet trading trading session yesterday. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow lost nearly 9 points to close at 15,291. the nasdaq
added 16 and a half point to close at 3520. the s&p 500 at a fraction of a point, closing at 1652. >> good news on the housing market. fewer u.s. homes went into foreclosure or were repossessed by banks last month. foreclosures listings for area says the bank started the foreclosure process on 57,000 homes in june. that is the lowest level for any month in more than seven years. foreclosures that went through also saw steep drops in june. however, foreclosures remain a potential drag on housing in many states, including florida, nevada, illinois, ohio and georgia. >> three hispanic former
employees are suing target for discrimination and retaliation. the lawsuit was filed in yolo county. it alleges that caucasian managers at a warehouse in woodland regularly used racial slurs when they address their hispanic workers. it cites a document featuring common stereotypes and tips on how to manage and hispanic workers. at target spokeswoman could not comment on a lawsuit itself but says that the minu minneapolis-based company was sorry for the content of the document. >> there are new questions about diet soda. according to a purdue university expert review of recent scientific studies over the past five years drinking diet so what does not lead to better health than drinking regular soda. the
american river association and dismissed the report, that it was " an opinion piece, not a scientific study. " the association describes low-calorie sweeteners as an effective tool and we lost. >> we will be right back. male narrator: male narrator: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale is on now. dog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale? male narrator: right now, you can get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. dog: any size mattress, twin, full, queen or king, for one low price.
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>> welcome back. opening bell on wall street. they are celebrating the numbers from the novel. we are expecting a sharp rise over a hundred points. we are seeing a sharp rise overseas and we are expecting that from wall street as well. the opening bell will be coming up in about 25 seconds. >> let's get a quick update
on the weather and traffic area >> it is a cloudy start for your thursday morning there are a lot clouds outside. focusing on the afternoon high we have the upper 80s for livermore and pleasanton. we will not see a 90 degree readings like we did yesterday. we will continue with this pattern in to yestetomorrow. we will be back in 90 degree territory for the weekend. i do have changes as we start the next work week. >> there was an accident on the bay bridge the first reported on the incline section. it was actually located closer to the island. it was near the s curve. look at what it has done to right. the accident
has clear but when the people from caltran saw the traffic started to bunch up they slow down the me realize. why we'd have not had much of the back up here, it is likely that we will see it grow. the first thing that we will notice is 880 red cross also start to back up over the toll plaza. we are tracking a another hot spot on 580 in the westbound direction. it was a minor accident here. as i told you, you can expect this to fill in all the way across from dublin to livermore. the drive time is 54 minutes westbound from alta mount pass way to the dublin interchange. >> the time now is 6:31 a.m.. we begin this morning and east bay were oakland police are continuing to
investigate a child kidnapping. 21 months old daphne viola webb was kidnapped late yesterday morning. the girl's father, john webb, says that he left her in the car with another adult family member who is mentally disabled. web when inside the store and when he came back his door was gone. one witness described the father's reaction. >> he was a little stunned. i guess i happening. , the mother was sitting in a frenzy. she appeared to be stunned. >> he stated that she has a dementia. he did appear to be scared. >> a suspect has been seen
carrying her away from the supermarket. she is described as a black or hispanic woman between 34 years old with long black hair, wearing a light- colored top and blue jeans. daphne was last seen wearing orange pajamas with pink hearts and pink socks. the fbi is now involved with the search. >> a 16 year-old is accused of killing his younger brother in southern california. terry smith, an 11 year-old autistic boy was last seen saturday evening. police said his body was found in a shallow grave on the family property yesterday. they said the death was the result of a domestic issue. family members say that terry was being babysat by his older brother when he disappeared. >> we are continuing to
follow the latest on the deadly flight 214 here is what we now know. cleanup crews as san francisco international airport has begun clearing debris from a run way. federal safety officials said the pilot initially told a another flight attendant not to evacuate the passengers. people did not begin evacuate the aircraft until 90 seconds later. officials say that the delay occurred as a pilot may connection with the control tower at the airport. >> authorities have released 911 calls reporting the deadly plane crash in san francisco international airport on saturday. here is a call from someone on the tarmac. >> hello, okay, all was on the plane and there is a
woman lying on the ground. they have a critical head injuries. we are trying to keep her alive. >> we will be playing more of these calls to you throughout the morning. >> the investigation continues with the deadly plane crash that happened at s.f. over the weekend. kron4 will tran is live in burlingame. >> you can see the lights behind me and aircraft. if they are still collecting debris and documented it. they have turned of the run way over to s.f. o and they will determine how much repairs will need to be made. obviously, this is very important because it is vital to the airplanes that are coming and going. i had a chance to talk to the
chairman and this is what she had to say. >> we released the runway last night from seven operations. there are picking up the debris and they're using heavy equipment to get the large pieces. some of the other work will be done by hand. once they clear the debris and clean it the the airport will have to take care of some resurfacing. >> that is why she is 9 giving us a date on when this will happen. she did go into detail as to whether or not they will need major details. i will try to talk to administrators from s at all to see how long it will take. also, as 7:00 p.m. it took 90 seconds for the evacuation to happen. once the plane crash to the ground. i had a chance to talk to her about the key of
people getting hurt. >> a again, we will follow the latest it with kron4 as we continue our coverage of of the plane crash. you can get the latest on kron and our 24/7 news channel comcast channel 193. >> bay bridge officials are now giving us more details about why they decided to delay the opening of the span of the bay bridge. it is currently in a state, the the new bay bridge is safer than the one that the cars are driving on but because of a broken bolts, the toll bridge oversight committee says that they are not comfortable with opening that. the main challenge is manufacturing. the still will not get here until late september or mid october. >> this is one that the
public should have confidence that. a look pretty simple when we started. we are on the verge. >> the oversight committees is that the retrofitting will cost upwards of 15 to $20 million, plus additional calls for replacing or mediating other bolts, but they tell us is well within the budget. >> here is a live look outside at the bridge. we do have more sunshine in the forecast. we will talk more about the weather a little forecast. we will talk more about the weather a little bit l[ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke.
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for more information including cost support options, at univenirsity of pho pix wx is wisre irecan cake yke..tionti (now aowrriviniv cit chosphol whicwhh is wis we' w pro p to htop cop ect ecr str ents with lea lding engmployelo acroac the tatioat (next exstop: opfinancnal celr let's ges to wtok. >> welcome back. in canada,
the death toll continues to rise. authorities and quebec now say 20 people have died and another 30 people are still missing. meantime, we're getting a new, dramatic look at the devastation of the massive train derailment. please provide these images. most of the 73-car train derailed early saturday. the head of the u.s. company which owns the train is blaming the engineer for failing to set the brakes properly. the ceo of the parent company that operates the train plans to meet their residents and the town's mayor. >> firefighters are starting to feel some relief after cooler weather has helped slow down a fire in southern california. the 11 square
mile fire destroyed a least 100 buildings 60 mi. east of san diego. fire officials say they're hoping that the thunderstorms in the forecast will help. in northern california, the fiery end of the eldorado national forest is not a percent contained. that fire spread to almost a square mile. >> the time is 6:43 a.m.. here are live pictures from the new york stock exchange. the dow is trading up 145 points. it isrecord closing leve will get the latest from the fed's coming up. rob black would also be joining us on set. >> we will be right
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we're now joined with rob black. >> i would say that the minutes split and what you are talking about is a group of bankers get together on a regular basis and talk about the economy and when they want to raise interest rates. they were starting to split. it was a ben bernanke after the markets. he basically said that he would keep rates low for a long time. it will not happen for a while. people are starting to think jobs are coming. we do not have all the jobs that one. >> he just basically said that he was in control.
>> we just watched bumbl tumbler. >> allow the analysts think this was a bad deal. it is a lot like same my space will be facebook. we will see once they increase shareholder value. if you give it the benefit of the doubt. local hero trawls whacharles swabb stated that people do not trust the system. >> i love it when we had a down market but his absolute
right that some of them are scared. there is a high frequency and trading. if you have never had a 401k then you are a huge winner. >> one analyst said that it would be a 60,000 and that would be normal but the dow is a better indicator because they have microsoft and it. they should have apple and it. facebook, mor instance will make more sense. >> i used russell 3000 which is a broader look of the economy. if you take a look around the world apple, is
winning. europe has problems. china is not accommodative. >> we will talk to rob at 915 a and with the winners and losers. >> less handed over to erica and george with our weather. >> let's start off with our live look from a roof cam. this is a san francisco skyline. this is a another cloudy morning. in terms of your temperatures it is cold. at 53 degrees and mr. kern temperatures for concord. today this temperatures are a little bit cooler than yesterday. we do not have any brain to deal with. there was some discussion about the moisture wrapping around. that was not the case.
>> future cast 4 is tracking the temperatures for you by noon today it will be 60's inside the bay. san francisco was run in the low 60's. the warmest spots will be livermore along the delta. do not count on too many '90s for today. the temperatures will still be comfortable. by 8:00 p.m. tonight take a look at all the green on the screen. 60's will dominate. i do want to but have you take a look at the afternoon highs. there is plenty of 80s for the south bay and campbell will become an added 86 degrees. we may see upper 80s for pittsburg an antioch. some high clouds will remain in today's forecast. downtown san francisco will be if you
degrees cooler than yesterday. oakland will have a high of 71 degrees. >> in terms of your extended forecast you will notice very similar conditions. it is a carbon copy of what we will see today. it will be slightly warmer as we head into the weekend. we will see '90s back in the forecast for the weekend. >> the time is 6:52 a.m.. >> we are tracking a couple of hot spots. the first on filed a westbound leading to the livermore. the accident was bound clear from the label look at the drive time. it's 52 minutes from 2 05 to dublin. the other incident is a motorcycle crashed on a 80 south bound.
the motorcycle crash injury can sometimes take it was a clear and lanes are blocked. you can expect this to build on a southbound. tracking your ride on the bridges here is it the was bombay bridge occurring from an accident. the 880 ramp did backup all away to the toll plaza is starting to clear out and the metering lights have been sped up now. 92 and the san mateo bridge is clear. the drive time is still looking at 12 to 13 minutes over to foster city. >> the time is 6:53 a.m. we will take a quick break. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else,
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>> good morning the time is 6:56 a.m.. here stress 7 day forecasts. we will start off
with fog. the same deal that we have seen in the past couple of days. the temperatures are not fluctuate in a lot. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. new details are emerging in the investigation into the crash of flight 214. we will hear from frantic passengers in the moments after the crash. >> it may be a safer span, but officials are still reluctant to set a date to open the new bay bridge. we will show you what is causing the delay. >> as the trial begins for the accused of boston marathon bomber, we will hear the suspect's mother talk about her son's involvement.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> an amber alert remains in
effect this morning 24 hours after a toddler was reportedly taken from as you be in oakland. >> we just got in a plane crash and there are a bunch of people that still need help. >> we played through the 911 calls from passengers sitting on the car mattarmac afr the plane crash. >> this is the nimitz freeway on 880 southbound headed into hayward and coming out of san leandro into san lorenzo. we have all lanes at shut down temporarily while chp and other emergency responders deal with a motorcycle accident on the southbound side. it has not yet started to back out.